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"It's not a question of the most fit. It's a matter of the most privileged county employees. Eddie Evans


Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

Sacramento biohazard cleanup information offers information not available on other Sacramento biohazard cleanup company web sites. That's because I own this web site as I own my own bioihazard cleanup company to service Sacramento County. I clean after homicides, suicide, unattended death, as well as offering decomposition cleanup. Those Sacramento County families that do somehow manage to reach me find my prices lower than the prices of Sacramento biohazard cleanup companies refered by Sacramento County employees.

As you can guess, my Sacramento biohazard cleanup fees remain thousands of dollars below my competitors for two major reasons. One, I do my company's biohazard cleanup work alone. Two, I do not have county employees to pay for sending me "prospects" from routine homicide, suicide, unattended death family connections, which should be against the law if it is not. It qualifies as "cronyism," a government and business relationship known in Tiajuna, Mexico and Moscow, Russia all too well. As a result, our county employees now turn our United States into a banana republic.

When cleaning up blood, I clean to restore residential, commercial, and industrial scenes soiled by blood.
A Hood crime scene cleaner's tasks include disinfecting large areas. Blood soiled materials are neutralized and removed for disposal in a landfill or as biohazardous waste, depending upon the condition of the waste. Crime scene cleaners must have a minimal amount of training in the recognition of bloodborne pathogen situations. OSHA's training rules always apply in Hood.
Ideally, crime scene cleaners have received information like that found at this crime scene cleanup school. Information found here stresses personal and public hygiene. Crime Scene Cleanup School also offers cleaners information related to further their cleaning education, in general. No fees for this information exist for Hood's residents.

Although my business address is located in Orange County, California, my business takes me throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and other states. It seems that people choose my services over others because of my fees and "sincerity," I have been told.

Hood residents may want to know that Orange County's local government has cronyism in its corner's department. This means that coroner's employees either own their own blood cleanup company or refer the public to a crony company. In return these employees receive a "kickback," which can be as high as 10% of the blood cleanup cost. We often refer to these companies as crime scene cleanup companies.

As a professional cleaner I am very serious about cleaning biohazardous environments resulting from homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. As a result, this professional interest has lead me to create my own online school. I continue to work on it and do not charge to use it. Crime Scene Cleanup School.
I am pleased with my occupation and believe that I am making a serious contribution to fulfilling the more serious needs of California's citizens.

When something terrible and violent happens, the least we expect are biohazards. Biohazards, germs, exist within our bodies. Release blood and other potentially infectious materials and sadly, the area becomes soiled by potentially biohazardous materials.

Biohazardous materials seldom catch our attention, but when massive blood loss occurs, biohazard cleanup should be at the tip of our tongues.

Most people understand that homicide, suicide, and death hurts its survivors deep down. We know this too because of our experience and losses to homicide, suicide, and death. When we clean up biohazard from residences and businesses, we cannot help feeling self-conscious about our presence in a place recently shocked.

We are cleaners. We cannot ease the pain. We can, though, help the healing process to begin by returning the scene to a biologically safe condition. Biohazards must disappear for good. Biohazard cleanup done professional, as we recommend, removes unknowns for the responsible parties.

Sometimes friends and relatives will ask us why we charge different rates for cleaning.It is the additional cleaning that causes us to raise prices. Besides cleaning, more labor may be involved with special requests, sealing, and chasing effluents. Expect questions like these:

My questions

Who is the victim?

Who is the responsible party?

Where is the wound?

What type of weapon was used?

Where did this homicide, suicide, and death occur?

How long was the deceased down?


  • Biohazards


    Airborne biohazards cause illness as well as death to humans. They enter the respiratory track through the eyes, nose, and throat. They may remain dormant or become active in a short time.

    The more well known of the airborne biohazards are anthrax and tuberculosis. We know that airborne pathogens are diseases, and as such biohazards. These disease causing microorganisms spread from person to person as tiny droplets in air. Sneezing, coughing, and spitting expel these biohazards and as a result others become infected by them.

    Types of airborne biohazards:

    • Viral Biohazards
    • Bacterial Biohazards
    • Fungal Biohazards

    We know that airborne pathogen differ from bloodborne pathogens because they infect by inhalation, not passage of blood. Simply coughing, sneezing, laughing or even singing contaminate wide areas of air in enclosed environments. Others become infected and then carry these pathogens to others in these same airborne causes. Under some indoor conditions these biohazards remain infectious for several hours.

    Meningitis, TB, pneumonia transmit easily through air and they kill. Soon a terrible influenza epidemic will cross oceans and infect millions of people. Usually we can figure contagiousness by how infectious an airborne pathogen carrier becomes.

    Depending upon where exposure occurs gives us an idea of what to expect from an airborne biohazard's virulence. As other pathogens, time of exposure, the actual contact time, becomes an important variable in a pathogens passage and infection success. Of course one's overall health plays an important part in defeating initial stages of infection. Children and elderly persons infected by pathogens are weaker and stand to become infected before healthy adults. Those incapacitated by HIV or AIDS will fall victim to these pathogens easily in an environment serving as an incubation environment.

    Tuberculosis (TB) as an Airborne Biohazard

    A biohazard cleanup practitioner must expect to cleanup a TB contaminated room and belongings sooner or later. TB disease once killed tens of thousands of United States residents. Fortunately, during the 1940s, medical science found a means to quell TB's powerful infectiousness. As many as 14,000 people were reported with TB in 2005. These numbers should give us pause to behave accordingly. Covering our mouth and nose while sneezing or otherwise discharging moisture from our resistor system must become commonplace. Anything less must grow to become taboo behavior. We owe this to future generations.

    Mycobacterium tuberculosis gets the blame for causing TB. This microorganism affects our lungs, and it has a reputation for infecting human brains, spines, lymph nodes, and kidneys. Like HIV, TB carriers need not feel sick and may not know that they carry an infectious, airborne disease.

    Oddly, only about 5 to 10% of those with a TB infection become sick from this disease during their lifetime. Now this proves out well for those other carriers unaware of their disease; however, these same figures work against those without this disease and then become exposed to its carriers. The following diseases create a greater risk of contracting TB:

    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Severe kidney disease
    • HIV
    • Low body weight
    • Cancer

    It turns out that HIV creates a high risk factor for spreading TB infection. Because TB and HIV become interlinked so often, TB patients now receive HIV tests as a standard procedure.

    People working in correctional facilities have a fairly high exposure to TB. Others exposed to higher concentrations of TB include drug and treatment center employees and healthcare facility employees. Of course homeless shelter shelter more than people because shelters provide protection to those without benefit of medical treatment.

    As mentioned above, TB spreads when a person inhales a TB pathogen. As I've written elsewhere about good room ventilation for airborne biohazard reduction, room ventilation plays a role in TB's spread. Ventilate well and TB becomes dispersed. Room temperature and room size play a part in TB's life expectancy in the wild, airborne that is. TB's bacteria create their infection in alveoli in human lungs. Sometimes these bacteria remain dormant for years. At other times they become detectable within 12 months.

    Realizing one has TB may follow from sudden weight loss, fever, night sweats, and weakness. Most notable throughout history, coughing , chest pain, and great quantities of sputum project from patients. The Mantoux test tells if a person became infected with TB. A small amount of tuberculin fluid under the skin usually reveals a rash in the injected area. This take up to 3 days to appeal in most positive cases.

    Fogging with Pure Nature 24 helps to reduce TB microorganisms during biohazard cleanup. A 1:10 ratio of bleach and water also works well on non-porous surfaces when it comes to biohazard cleanup. Biohazard cleanup must always take TB into consideration whether or not it serves as biohazard cleanup's primary target.

    Other steps used for effective control of TB include administrative controls. These include the following:

    • Assigning responsibility for TB infection control.
    • Working with health departments to conduct TB risk assessments and develop a written TB plan, including airborne infection isolation and biohazard cleanup.
    • Allowing for adequate laboratory work.
    • Creating protective work practices for biohazard infected employees.
    • Making sure healthcare workers receive their TB tests.
    • Supplying cleaning equipment.
    • Creating and distributing affective signage.
    • Biohazard cleanup company telephone numbers should be available upon request.
    • Ensure a biohazard cleanup directory telephone number becomes part of permanent signage.


    Bloodborne biohazards

    Bloodborne biohazards cause illness and death in humans. We also call these bloodborne biohazard "bloodborne pathogens."They enter the body through the eyes, throat, anus, and sexual orifices. A small number of micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria entering the body's blood stream soon begin to populate. Their presence to the body's immune system causes white blood cells to attack the invading organisms, which in one sense amounts to an internal biohazard cleanup by our body's own defenses.

    How long do dangerous viruses live?

    Inside the body viruses that cause illness and death can live for many years without their host, a person, knowing the virus exists. HIV can go as long as 10 years before its affects become known as AIDS.

    Outside of the body it's almost anyone's guess. From seconds of existence following a traumatic injury in bright sunlight, to days, and even weeks in ideal laboratory conditions:

    "Under ideal laboratory conditions HIV can remain infectious in dried blood and
    liquid blood for several weeks and HBV stays active for even longer." Health and Safety Executive. I moved the Health and Safety Executive to my Anaheim Crime Scene Cleanup web site because of Orange County's monopoly over biohazard cleanup. I must do these moves for Internet balance.

    A healthy body will fight off attacking bloodborne micro-organisms. So that these viruses die off quickly outside of the body, are several methods
    available for decontamination. These procedures are designed to inactivate BBV's, mainly by using heat or chemical disinfections.

    A healthy body will fight off attacking bloodborne micro-organisms.

As an additional service for Biosafe, Orange County Biohazard cleanup for special blood, death, suicide and unaccompanied death cleanup.

Vector Biohazards

Vector biohazards seldom come to our attention. We should remain aware of them just the same. Not so long ago many people feared that HIV would transmit by way of blood sucking vectors, mostly mosquitoes. As it turned out, at least for the moment, mosquitoes do not transmit HIV.

Just the same, there are other biohazards that do transmit by mosquito and other insect bites. Malaria transmit by female mosquitoes, for one. There are other vectors out there that we know about. There are still more that we do not know about.

As rainforests and other wild places become developed nature's secrets spill out onto humanity, in part. Most of nature's secrets become lost for all time. Those victorious biohazards released into civilization threaten us in ways we cannot imagine.

Vectors present a different type of biohazard cleanup than we usually think about. In Central America biohazard cleanup meant killing mosquitoes. DDT and other chemicals helped with the biohazard cleanup.


From two perspectives, sewage contains mild to monstrous biohazards. For centuries humanity knew to move sewage beyond social boundaries. From the household sewage contains thousands of viruses and millions of bacteria. Sooner or later most of us end up with a sewage problem.

We grow used to flushing away those infectious waste so common to our every day existence. Germs in the form of bacteria and viruses easily make their way to the local sewage treatment plant just outside of Sacramento. There, sewage treatment technicians ensure that this gooy stuff gets gone. No worry, though. Our sewage is so powerful that thos pesky bloodborne pathgens we fear from biohazard cleanup conditions die soon after entering the sanitary sewer.

Even hospitals use the sewer to dispose of their biohazards. Biohazard cleanup remains central to Sacramento's hospitals. Anything less than on-gong biohazard cleanup in each task risks losing lives and control of biohazardous conditions. So, Sacramento's infectious waste must go somewhere. And when it has blood in it, you can bet that its time for nature's biohazard cleanup services to destroy those offending blood carried germs.

Biohazard Cleanup

Prudent measures for biohazard cleanup following homicides, suicides, unattended death decompositions, and traumatic blood loss suffice require patience. Using extraordinary measures exceeds needed precautions. But what do we mean by "prudent measures"?

Prudent cleaning measures include wearing protective masks over the eyes, nose, and mouth. Thick rubber gloves 4 to 5 inches above the wrists, and protective clothing protecting the skin from accidental exposure to blood help create "prudent measures." Remember, we're talking about biohazard cleanup, not detailing our car.

Replace foot gear before exiting a soiled environment. There's no point in biohazard cleanup if we're gong to track those biohazards throughout our cleanng scene. During biohazard cleanup of blood and other potentially infectious materials remain off blood soiled areas as mush as possible.

Removing blood from large blood soiled areas on carpet and concrete suggests walking around the soiled areas. Once footgear becomes soiled, all areas walked on become contaminated. That why in the biohazard cleanup business, we follow protocols much similar to those found in hospitals, on-gong biohazard cleanup at each step.

By reading information at crime scene cleanup, the reader finds more information related to biohazard as well as crime scene cleanup.

Sanitary Sewer

Flushing blood and other infectious materials down the sanitary sewer or septic tank dilutes any remaining pathogens. For the purposes of homicide, suicide, and unattended death decomposition cleanup, bulk blood's deactivation occurs once drained to the sewer, if not sooner.

Title 40: Protection of Environment

"No evidence indicates that bloodborne diseases have been transmitted from contact with raw or treated sewage. Many bloodborne pathogens, particularly bloodborne viruses, are not stable in the environment for long periods of time"

Bulk blood carefully poured down a utility sink drain or toilet deactivates as it dilutes and mixes with raw sewage. This, in effect, creates an on-gong biohazard cleanup condition. States with regulations for the maximum volume allowable for discharge of blood and other body fluids must be honored. In any case, pouring small amounts of "blood and other body fluids to the sanitary sewer is considered a safe method of disposing of these waste materials."

Multiple homicides and suicides should not exceed allowable limits for blood and other fluid discharge. Perhaps taking care of your discharge rates ensures a more secure form of biohazard cleanup. In a mass murder cleanup, discharge of blood and other fluids should follow a pre-planned, detergent, water diluted blood and OPIM discharge to the sanitary sewer.

A functioning septic tank should destroy bloodborne pathogens. Always consult the system's manufacturing guidelines before pouring blood and OPIM into septic tanks.

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Biohazard Disposal

For professional biohazard cleanup waste pickup, Stericycle offers coast-to-coast service. Stericycle also picks up medical waste.

During a biohazard cleanup, disinfecting from the beginning of work to the end of work helps to destroy bloodborne pathogens.

Regulated waste

Regulated waste is any of the following:

  • – Liquid or semiliquid blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)
  • – Contaminated items that would release blood or OPIM in a liquid or semiliquid state, if compressed
  • – Items that are caked with dried blood or OPIM and are capable of releasing these materials during handling
  • – Contaminated sharps
  • – Pathological and microbiological wastes containing blood or OPIM


My Biohazard Cleanup Goal - Malthus and Population - Charles Darwin - Alfred Wallace - Karl Marx

If we were to take a poll of biologists asking which theory of existence explains most clearly and distinctly the origin of species, evolution by natural selection would receive the most nods of approval. Since we live in the United States, contentious theories of existence follow ideological paths. So biohazards' existence becomes more difficult to explain.

If we take the evolution by natural selection approach to explaining biohazardous microorganisms, then we say "process" as a big word to consider. If we take a more ideological approach, say the fundamentalist Christian or fundamentalist Moslem approach, than we say, "creation" in an instant to consider. They may not believe in what we have to say about biohazard cleanup rules and procedures, but they'll believe us when they drop dead.

Anyway, here I will avoid the ideological approach for brevity and to avoid confusion. I want only to consider evolution by natural selection as our source of biohazards. This type of theory does not help conclude biohazard cleanup, but it does show why biohazard cleanup ought to follow thorough cleaning guidelines.

My Sacramento Biohazard Cleanup Goal

What I hope to show here is that biohazard cleanup must follow the same logic as the logic medical doctors use when they insist patients complete taking all medications, "Each and every one."







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